Civil Justice Reform: An Overview
L1.  What should be considered before taking legal action [Sample court forms]
L2.  What should be noted about civil proceedings
L3.  What are the stages in a civil action
L4.  How to prepare for a hearing or trial
L5.  How is a trial or hearing conducted in court
L6.  What are Statements of Truth
L7.  How to shorten legal proceedings: Order 13A admissions in monetary claims
L8.  How to shorten legal proceedings: Sanctioned offers and sanctioned payments
L9.  How to apply for judicial review
L10.  How to appeal
L11.  What is taxation of costs
L12.  Civil Justice Reform: Transitional Arrangements
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Services and Facilities Provided


The Resource Centre for Unrepresented Litigants provides assistance to unrepresented litigants who are parties to or about to commence civil proceedings in the High Court or the District Court except those relating to matrimonial, lands, competition, employees' compensation and probate matters.

The assistance provided at the Centre is confined to procedural matters only. The staff will not give legal advice or make any comments on the merits of the case. The Centre provides oaths and declaration services to the unrepresented litigants who need to file affirmations/ affidavits in preparing their cases. Guidance on filling in of court forms and submission of court bundles is also given.

Four computer terminals with access to the Judiciary website, interlinked with the websites of the Legal Aid Department and of other agencies offering free legal advice, are provided at the Centre. A database on the frequently asked questions raised by unrepresented litigants is also provided for users' reference.

Apart from the services above-mentioned, the following facilities are also made available, i.e., brochures introducing the broad outline of the civil proceedings in the High Court and the District Court; sample court forms; videos on court procedures; daily cause lists of the High Court and the District Court; writing area and self-service photo-copying machines.

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